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The marking nozzle is moved along with the character type by the X-Y stage mounted with Servo System. For a certain distance moved, the nozzle is controlled to spray the paint. Therefore, narrowing the injection time interval will make continuous line characters. Otherwise, dot characters are created.

– Since one nozzle forms a character on the XY axis, you can input arbitrary size, arbitrary pattern character, and mark .
– It is easy to apply Character Recognition System because character type setting and change can be done through monitor screen.
– Marking of small characters is also possible. 20 mm (H) x 15 mm (W)
– Due to the use of atomized (atomize) method, paint consumption in the hot material are less than they are in other methods.
– Target materials can control the paint being consumed according to the temperature information and mark characters with consistent thickness.
– It has a structure to prevent clogging of the nozzle .

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