The label printed by label printer is automatically adsorbed and attached to the storage location of the target material.

  • * Label size can be selected according to the subject material.
  • * You can shorten the stop time of the target material.
  • No glue will be left after taking off the label.
Target material Heavy plate, cold-rolled coil, sample material, billet, specimen
Character size Customizable (Label  print  Size)
Types of Characters A to Z alphabetic characters
0 to 9 digits
Other Special Characters
Subject Temperature Room temperature to~ 100 ℃

How to attach

attach after adhering the sticker

System Configuration
Label printed by the printer is automatically adsorbed to the predetermined position on the target material.
The size of label can be selected according to the target mateiral.

– Detailed marking available.
– Target material’s pause can be reduced.
– No glue is remained on the surface of the subjefct after the removal of label.

Components Explanation
1) Label Printer Ring Device Main Body
– Label printer unit : receives data from the respective steel materials, to deploy the received data and issue exfoliation.
– Label Handling Apparatus : handles the label and transfers it to the predetermined location.
– Valve Storage Box : Various air control devices can be stored.

2) Control panel : Core part of the system
– Mainbody control of Sequencer (PCL) device body, interface with the line, interface with the upper level calculator and self-monitoring.
– Inverter : controls the motor during the device operation.
– Modem : generally used as a means to share data with the upper level calculator.

3) ) Gauge Operator panel : directly installed onto the main body of the apparatus and works also as a relay terminal.
– Touch Panel : : displays the group action, semi-automatic operation, error monitoring, and abnormal status in the data transmission monitor.

Exemplary Use of Labeling Device
Attach label on coil band
– Scene of a label on a coil binding band
– The labeling device main body and the printer unit are provided on the band binding device.

– Since the binding band device mechanically determines the label attaching position, the error in the attachment position is very low.
– Since no before and after moves are required due to the labeling device, which makes it economically excellent.
– Since the labeling device and the band binding device are integrated, the installation space may be small.

Attach the label onto the cutting plane of Billet
– The scene is about adhering the label on the cutting plane of Billet being transferred from the side. The label attached to the Billet is read by machines placed at the processes afterwards so that an automated distribution management can be done.
– In case a Billet might be bent or deviate from its bound position to stop,
The entering and exiting coordinates of the cutting plane are detected, before attaching the label.
– Since the materials being attached are for Billet, the machine is quite compact in size.
Attach the label to the outer circumference of the coil

– A scene where labee is attached to the outer circumference of the coil (0200 to 0300 position). Control panel, and air device storage box are attached to the main body, yielding a small design.

– After attaching the label, the label surface is pressed from top to bottom by the rollers. Even when attaching a label onto a coil with smaller diameter, wrinkles can be prevented and the front side of label can be closely attached to the coil.
– Since the label is pressed by the roller, the label can sufficiently attached to the coil even when oil is spilled onto the coil surface.

Attaching Label to the Steel Plate
– Samples are taken from TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM of the coil for inspection.
At this time, the sample sheet automatically prints [item sampled] [deadline] [position] onto the label and have them attached.

– Since much oil is on the surface of the sample sheet, as a pretreatment for label attaching, the sample sheet surface is being wiped off using a rubber blade.
– There may be cases when sample sheets are consecutively overlapped and returned to the position for attachment. Therefore, among the two overlapping, the sample sheet on the top is lifted up using a vacuum (adsorber) to offset the same from the spot.
The sample sheet on the bottom is then attached, and the sample sheet is returned to its orignial place to attach the label.

Actual Samples of Labeling

1. Label attached to the outer circumference of coil (225x210)

2. Label attached to the outer circumference of coil (215x190)

3. Label attached to the outer circumference of coil (190x130)

4. Label attached to cutting plane of billet (75x75)

5. Lable attached to the sample sheet (70x130)

6. Lable attached to the sample sheet (130x70)

7. Label attached to the section steel sheet (70x40)

8. Label attached to the section steel sheet (130x70)

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